"This program should appeal to any individual investor who wants to adopt covered call writing, but who wants some help in finding the best call to write. Consider adding OptionGrid to your investment arsenal."

Mark Wolfinger - author of "The Short Book on Options: A Conservative Strategy for the Buy and Hold Investor" and "Create Your Own Hedge Fund: Increase Profits and Reduce Risk with ETFs and Options"

"I am a registered investment advisor who manages 40 accounts. I do covered call writing exclusively. What used to take me hours to perform, now takes minutes with OptionGrid. There are many software programs presently being sold, and of all that I have tried, OptionGrid is the gem. I am not very computer literate, but OptionGrid does not require this. It loads easily and is user-friendly. The tasks that it does for me are phenomenal. I need speed and, most importantly, accuracy for my work. Thank you for understanding what I needed to do my job."

Harvey Friedentag - investment advisor and author of "Stocks for Options Trading"

"OptionGrid is easy to use, yet it provides the capability to satisfy the most demanding covered call writer. It allows me to create custom screens that present trade opportunities in seconds, and it is far more cost effective than subscribing to several covered call websites as I used to do. Butler Creek Software, the developer of OptionGrid, works closely with their user community and is interested in hearing user comments and recommendations. If you are an active covered call writer, take a serious look at OptionGrid. You will be glad you did."

Ron Rossway - trader and founder of the Denver Trading Group

"I think you did a fantastic job in developing this product. I can't see how anyone could trade covered calls efficiently without it. Congratulations on an excellent product. You absolutely have a winner with OptionGrid!"

Leo Freeman - covered call investor

"I just wanted to let you know that I've been very pleased with OptionGrid. It's been useful to help in my efforts of prospecting the vast universe of call options for suitable covered call candidates and especially useful in managing existing positions and in reviewing closed transactions. All in all, it's been well worth the cost of the program. Thank you to everyone at Butler Creek Software for all your efforts."

Adam Sanders - covered call investor

"When I found OptionGrid, it was like finding the "Easy Button". No more hours of research and searching for call options to write, just click on the refresh button and you can have hundreds of up-to-date stocks to screen. The cost of OptionGrid is very affordable, and you can download and try it before you buy. The software is very user friendly, and so are the people at Butler Creek Software."

William T. Head - covered call investor

"OptionGrid is an incredibly powerful tool that allows me to quickly find opportunities. The program is simple to use and yet amazingly sophisticated. I couldn't make the returns I am without it!"

Tim Collins - covered call investor

"OptionGrid finally gives me a way to download, review and compare call stock options all in one package! I used to cut and paste data into a spreadsheet, manipulate it, then search and sort on various criteria. It took hours. Now I just enter the stock symbols that Iím interested in and press the Refresh button. OptionGrid gives me back data for both the stocks and all the call options available for those stocks in a spreadsheet-like grid. I just click on my stored search criteria and I have a list of potential trades in seconds! No need to type in those stock symbols again tomorrow, just press Refresh and my trade candidates are listed by OptionGrid. What a time saver!!!!!!!"

Jim Cable - covered call investor

"As someone fairly new to option trading, I found OptionGrid to be an invaluable tool for comparing stock options. The application is easy to use and has saved me hours of time collecting and comparing data. I was able to say goodbye to homegrown spreadsheets and confusing Excel calculations. After buying OptionGrid, I sold 6 covered call contracts my first day!"

Mike Brown - covered call investor

"Your program is simply fantastic and worth so much more than what I paid! Truly, I can't believe anyone can be serious about options and NOT purchase your program. It is simply the best deal going for the best program I've ever used. Keep up the wonderful work!"

Dr. Mark Cohen - covered call investor

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