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The OptionGrid main window contains a streamlined set of tools to help you locate, compare, and track your covered call investments.

Portfolio grids organize and display your own stock and covered call positions. Group your portfolio positions using more than 60 data filters, including current and final returns, potential profit scenarios, days in position, days until expiration, and trade dates. Use the dropdown lists below each portfolio grid to quickly group your positions by account, tax year, and stock symbol.

Use Stock Research Grids to filter and screen data for stocks in your watch list. Easily group your stock screens by dividends, P/E ratios, price ranges, and more. Customize your stock research grids to show specific stocks, data columns, and data ranges. You can create an unlimited number of different stock research grids in OptionGrid.

Covered Call Research Grids display quotes and calculations for covered call options. Compare and filter potential returns for an unlimited number of covered calls and an unlimited number of underlying stocks. With OptionGrid's fast sorting and searching capabilities, you can locate the best possible covered call opportunities from even the largest list of stocks.

Select a Covered Call Quick Grid to display quotes and covered call calculations for a single stock. Every stock that you are researching in OptionGrid appears in the grid list on the left side of the OptionGrid main window. Selecting a stock in this grid list provides instant access to options data and calculations for the requested stock. You can also customize covered call quick grids to filter and display specific types and ranges of covered call data.

Screen Shots for Managing Portfolio Positions

Adding new positions to your portfolio takes only seconds. Simply locate the desired stock or option in one of your research grids and double-click it. OptionGrid will display the Add Portfolio Position window, already initialized with the symbol, today's date, and current pricing. You only need to add position quantity and commissions to complete the process. Effortless!

Modify your portfolio positions with the Edit Portfolio Position window. Double-click the position you want to edit, and modify any value associated with that position. Do you need to close a position? Double-click it, change the status to closed, and enter your end date, price, and fees.

Screen Shots for Adding, Refreshing, and Deleting Stocks

Open the Add to Research window to add more stocks to research in OptionGrid. Use the Look Up function if you need help in determining the stock symbol of a company. After you add new stocks, OptionGrid will automatically download the stock and option quotes and perform all the calculations necessary for you to evaluate your potential investments.

Refreshing your research and portfolio quotes is always convenient in OptionGrid. To updates quotes in the current grid, use the Refresh button on the main toolbar. Or, open the Refresh All Quotes window and select which stocks, options, and portfolio positions to update. All quotes are downloaded from free, 20-minute delayed quote servers, and OptionGrid uses multiple data sources to ensure that data is available and reliable.

Deleting data from OptionGrid is easy as highlighting rows in a grid and pressing the Delete button. Are you no longer interested in researching a certain stock? Do you want to remove some positions from your portfolio? Are you tired of seeing adjusted options in your option chains? Just highlight the desired data in the grid, and press Delete!

Screen Shots for Creating and Editing Grids

Create new grids in OptionGrid with the Add New Grid window. Select the type of grid you want to add, and enter the name of the new grid. OptionGrid will add the grid to the grid list on the left side of the OptionGrid main window, where you can always access it with a single click. Grids are the basic building block of OptionGrid - create as many grids as you need!

Use the Edit Grid dialog to quickly customize the appearance and content of any grid in OptionGrid. Select the data columns that will appear in a grid as well as the order in which those data columns will be displayed.

The Edit Grid dialog also designates which stocks and options are displayed in a grid. Do you just want to view the 30 Dow stocks in a particular grid? Use the Edit Grid dialog to quickly and easily select only those stocks that you want to see.

Every data field in OptionGrid, from option expiration dates to stock prices to annual returns, can be filtered and screened. Are you only interested in covered calls that return better than 10%? Stocks that pay a dividend? Calls with less than 30 days to expiration? Portfolio positions that ended in 2005? Combine multiple filters on the Edit Grid dialog to precisely display only the data that you want to see.

Screen Shots for General OptionGrid Tools

Do you need quick access to charts, news, and analysis? Right-click on any stock or option symbol in OptionGrid for integrated links to 3rd-party websites and information. Everything is just one click away!

How about a quick analysis of a potential covered call trade using your own stock cost basis? Right-click on any covered call in a research grid and select Covered Call Analysis. Enter your actual cost basis for the stock and the number of shares you own, and the Covered Call Analysis screen will calculate profit/loss and potential returns for your own position.

Maintaining a list of favorite websites is effortless with the Edit Favorites window. Add up to ten different websites, and then access these websites directly from the Favorites menu of OptionGrid.

Are you running the latest version of OptionGrid? The Check for OptionGrid Updates window checks our server for the latest version of OptionGrid. You can also see the list of features that were introduced with each version of OptionGrid.

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